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Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government initiative to reduce carbon emissions while addressing fuel shortages.

Energy suppliers exceeding 250,000 customers and supplying over 400 gigawatt hours of electricity or 2,000 gigawatt hours of gas are obligated to comply with ECO guidelines.

The ECO guidelines stipulates that the Eco Technical Monitoring Inspections fulfill the norms that lead to ECO targets for carbon emission reduction and efficient energy consumption.

IISACCS Limited has been serving the industry for long and has built its reputation for knowledge and competency in the area of Eco Technical Monitoring Inspections in Great Britain.

While we cover a wide ranging area of inspections under ECO, the following are some of the inspections that we undertake:

As per ECO2 ofgem guidelines, Cavity wall U-value checklist FOR England and Wales must be fulfilled in all cases where wall U-value is overwritten for cavity wall insulation (CWI).
Our inspectors collate all information of thresholds based on age bands, as per current RdSAP 2012 (9.92) requirements. Wherever the U-value is lower than the threshold for the specific age band, the checklist must be signed and presented by a competent authority.

IISACCS inspectors fulfill operative competency standards as per ECO2, and are fully qualified and well-versed with the necessary inspection protocols. The advantage – our clients can rest assured with the confidence that they may proceed with the project without any compliance-related stress.

100% compliance with room-in-roof insulation (RIRI)

As per September 2016 ECO guidelines, all elements in the RIRI are to be 100% insulated and compliance report for the same must be submitted. In cases of non-conformity full justification must be provided by the competent authority.

IISACCS inspectorswork with clients to ensure full compliance and deliver the mandatory Declaration of Conformity and Completed Installation (DOCC) Report along with relevant photographs, as per ECO guidelines. Clients are advised on best practices to meet all necessary obligations and our report, once signed, ensures our clients have complete peace of mind as far as meeting RIRI obligation goes.

Cavity Cleaning Solutions from IISACCS Limited

Inspection and Reporting of Cavity Walls

The pre-work inspection includes a random CameraBorescope investigation of all cavity walls 100mm above the DPC. If necessary, it will also cover the area above Window & Door lintels. Based on the investigation, the scope of Cavity Cleaning will then be determined and acted upon. A detailed report of the inspection will be prepared and presented on completion of the inspection.