Eco Technical Monitoring Inspections
IISACCS Limited has earned a strong reputation as a competent authority for conducting ofgem-compliant Eco Technical Monitoring Inspections in the energy sector. Our highly qualified and trained team comes with specialization in conducting detailed inspection, analysis and reporting of compliance of building installations relating to energy conservation.

With nationwide coverage, the industry looks up to IISACCS Limited when they need a reliable and competent compliance report analysis. The ofgem-guidelines are very stringent and keep updating periodically.

The IISACCS Inspections team ensures we remain updated on the latest ofgem-guideline modifications.

We carry out

  • Competence of Operatives Working On Site
  • Compliance with ECO Guidlines and Legislation
  • Installation Standards inspection covering all stages of and processes
  • Cavity Cleaning Solutions, extraction of poorly installed insulation systems, using boroscopes
    and thermagraphic cameras.
  • Detailed reports for insurance companies claims to poor installations

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